Spring Term 2 2013-14

Year 1's challenge this morning was to make a new friend that was 1 metre tall! Here are some of the results.

Year 3 have been doing some work with connectives in their Literacy lessons.

Year 1 enjoyed an ICT session doing Maths activites on the LearnPads.

Volunteers from the Walkden Community Group delivered some poppy seeds that will be planted and grown in time for November's remembrance service.

For World Book Day, the entire school dressed as their favourite characters from books they had read.

Three of our Year 6 Mathematicians have collected certificates for their 'Pointless' answer to a maths brain teaser. They had to find 3 numbers which added together made 50, but the smallest and largest number had to have a difference of exactly 10. Try it for yourself!

In partnership with City West Housing, as part of Waste Week, Year 1 took part in a Junk Monsters Workshop, Year 3's "Minty Madness" went down a treat, where they planted mintfor non-alcoholic Mojitos, and Year 4 cleaned up our local area in a Litter Pick. The group of City West volunteers also gave the playground and surrounding area a much needed lick of paint. We'd like to extend our thanks to all those involved.

World Maths Day.

Mrs Hills & Mrs Blears have been busy working on the next Christian Value display, "Creation" which is now up in the hall.

MedEquip4Kids, who we had a non-uniform day for last half term, half sent this thank you letter for the £197 we raised for them.

As part of our Life Skills Program, the 'Business' group of visited St Ann's Hospice and Tesco. The First-Aid group learnt about the different types of dressing and tried a few variations out on each other!

We said an emotional goodbye to Mr. Morse on Friday. Mr. Morse had been our Site Manager for six years and will be sorely missed by us all. The children put on a great assembly for him which had plenty of memories, laughter and a few tears.

Rev. Page lead an RE lesson in Year 4 about the Last Supper, as it is coming up to Easter. Jesus shared the last supper with his apostles on the Thursday before Easter Sunday; they shared bread, representing Jesus' body, and wine, representing his blood.
(Rev. Page didn't supply the children with wine!)

Year 5 went to an 'Experience Easter' session, lead by Rev. Page, where they relived the last days of Jesus before his crucifixion and resurrection.

Lead by Year 4 and Rev Page, the whole school enjoyed a special Easter service. Big thanks to all the parents who helped walk the children to and from Church. Have a great Easter!