Autumn 1 2014-15

Thanks to all the parents who attended the EYFS workshop. Literacy and Phonics were the order of the day.

Year 4 children re-telling the story of David and Jonathan in thier RE lessons.

Great turnout for the Year 4 Open Morning after their Roman assembly. Thanks to all parents and grandparents who came to watch and stayed afterwards.

Year 2 enjoyed a day's training with Manchester United at the Cliff Training Ground, Salford.

Year 4 travelled back to Roman England with the help of Claudia today - they learned about the Celtic invasion and made their own Roman armour!

A great turnout for Year 6's World War II Assembly and drop-in morning. Seems even parents had fun being back in the classroom!

Year 4 enjoyed making friendship bracelets for each other.

As part of Life Skills sessions, Years 5 and 6 have been learning some basic First Aid, including head, arm and face dressings!

Year 3 have been working hard making Volcanoes as part of their Geography topic.

After the Harvest Service, some of our Year 6 prefects hosted a Coffee and Cake morning, and they showed parents around the school gardens.

A big well done to all the members of our choir who performed admirably at Rev. Sandercock's wedding.

Year 1 continued their Learning Challenge by bringing their imaginary toys to life through dance.

Reception have been drawing self-portraits using paints, pencils and ICT.

Year 6 were put through their paces by World War II PTI instructor Riach. The whole class passed the PULHHEEMS test!

Reception have been doing their own Great British Bake Off - no soggy bottoms here!

Year 5 recreated the Tower of Babel in their RE lesson.

Year 1 are comparing the games they play nowadays, with the games their parents and grandparents used to play. As part of this, we invited parents and grandparents in to take part in a 'Wii Challenge.'