Spring 1 2014-15

Year 6 experimented with circuits ready for their open morning on Friday.

Reception have enjoyed making colourful Spring Blossoms.

Art Club are so romantic, they made their own Valentine's Day cards.

In Year 4's computing sessions this half term, they recorded sounds of different instruments separately and then combined them all in Audacity to create a finished track.

Another good turnout for Friday's EYFS Open Morning, where Parents get involved with Nursery and Reception.

Year 2 paid a visit to Linnyshaw Garden Centre.

Reception were investigating whether Cinderella's lost slipper would fit them as part of their Learning Challenge.

Year 3 continued their work on Judaism with a visit to the Jewish Museum in Cheetham Hill.

Year 5 have made their own Sundials - useless in the current climate of course...maybe in the spring!

Getting the day off to an energetic start with Morning Club.

Year 2 visited Tesco where they investigated healthy eating.

Year 6 enjoyed a trip to MOSI where they learnt about Electricity.

Year 3 receiveda visit from Rabbi Tony, prior to their trip to the Jewish Museum later this term.

Up Periscope! Looking forwards and backwards over things in Year 6.

Clay models start to take shape in Life Skills.

Year 5 enjoyed a mummifying Egyptian morning thanks to Touchstones.