Summer 2 2014-15

Our Year 6 leavers had a ....wicked (sorry, you knew it was coming) time at the showing of Wicked at the Lowry Theatre.

Lots of fun had yesterday at the EYFS Summer Workshop and the Teddy Bears' Picnic.

Great performances from our flautists and clarinetists this morning at the woodwind assembly!

Awesome performances from all our drummers this morning. A few of the parents were aching to start headbanging!

Year 1 enjoyed a day of discovery at Eureka.

Year 5 have hosted their charity obstacle race today - in aid of Francis House children's hospice. Francis Mouse was the star attraction!

Nursery have been enjoying transition afternoons in Reception, to prepare them for moving up in September.

Nursery released some baby frogs on the school allotments.

Great turn out for a great performance by the guitar students..

Nursery enjoyed a Treasure Hunt in the morning sunshine, as part of their work on Pirates.

Year 4 enjoyed a trip to MOSI, as part of their Manchester Learning Challenge topic.

Year 5 have also been doing their Young Leaders award - they presented cases for various charities in assembly. The rest of the school voted for Francis House to be represented.

Well done to Year 5 who performed admirably at the MAPAS concert, at the Lowry Theatre.

Key Stage 2 Sports Day showcased some elite athleticism! Congrats to the Blue Team on their win!

Key Stage 1 Sports Day was a scorcher, on and off the track!

Despite Monday's downpour, EYFS Sports Day went ahead on Tuesday - Great to see such drive, determination and competitiveness, and that was just in the Mums and Dads Race!

Year 6 had a morning taking part in the IMPS programme (Injury Minimisation Programme for Schools).

Rception children used money to find how much they needed to buy some items.

Year 6 had a great time on their residential trip to Kingswood.

Reception investigated jelly! They wrote about how it tastes, smells, feels and looks.

In Design Technology, Year 6 created pots for their Strawberry plants.

Year 1 have been sorting nonsense words using "Monster Soup"!