Summer 2 2016-17

Nursery finished off the summer term with some blindfolded ice cream tasting.

The £5 Challenge saw utter chaos in Year 6 as they battled to make a profit by selling slime, sweets, cakes, chocolate and milkshakes!

Children from Years 1 and 2 spent the afternoon on the nature trail.

Year 6 were rewarded for their great year with a park trip, lunch at McDonald's and swimming.

Great performances so far in Music Week.

EYFS children enjoyed the Teddy Bears' Picnic, a lovely way for them to finish their week.

Thanks to everyone who helped, supported and attended at the Summer Fun Day - we manage to raise over £1000 for school funds!

Science Share Day saw some of our budding scientists travel to St. Mark's, and plenty of science-y activities around our own school.

Walkden High School have been working with Year 6 for some drama sessions.

Congratulations to the red team, winners of this year's Key Stage 2 Sports Day.

Today's Art/DT day has seen lots of activities, including an Eggsperiment in Year, and Animal Printing in Year 2.

Continuing their work on people who help us, Reception enjoyed a visit from Sergeant Nowland.

Who's got a head for heights? Year 4 needed theirs at the Challenge4Change centre!

Year 3 enjoyed a (rainy) trip to Manchester's Museum of Science and Industry.

Well done to 20 of our Year 5 children who performed so well at the Lowry Theatre as part of the MAPAS showcase.

Great sportsmanship and athleticism on show at KS1 and EYFS Sports Days.

Year 4 enjoyed a music lesson where they learnt to play Bill Withers' 'Lean on me.'

As part of their work on 'People who help us', Reception posted letters in the postbox, and visited Walkden Library.

A big well done to our Athletics team, for competing so well, and bringing back the medals!

Lots of (sweaty!) fun at the Friends of St. Paul's summer disco.

Clay Strawberry pots designed and made in Year 6.

Year 4 have been experimenting with circuits as part of their work on Electricity.

Our Year 6 leavers attended a beautiful service at Manchester Cathedral.

A big well done to all our athletes who competed in the first meet of this half term.