Star of the Week

Each week, teachers choose children in their class to receive the 'Star of the Week' award. This award can be given for many reasons, including being:

- a good role model
- considerate to others
- polite
- hardworking
- helpful

It could also be awarded for overcoming difficulties, or simply showing improvement in learning or behaviour. Whatever the reason, children are always very proud to receive their certificate during celebration assembly on Monday mornings.

Stars of the Week - 25/7/2017


Lily and Logan for fantastic progress in Phonics.


Billy-Ray Latham for fantastic maths work.

Year 1

Lewis Franklin-Buffey for having a good attitude to his work.

Year 2

Olly Yardley for working hard to use his phonics when he is writing.

Year 3

Jessica Seddon for being everything I could ask for in a class member.

Year 4

Jack Lennard for working hard in everything he does.

Year 5

Anthony Atkinson for full engagement in tutor trust, giving 100‰ attention and thoughful answers.

Year 6

The whole class for a fantastic last full week in Year 6.