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Year 5

Here you will find the latest information, useful information and any other important news regarding Year 5.

On the left hand side, you will also find downloadable copies of all the class newsletters; these outline the work your children will be doing in each specific half term.

100 Books to Read before you leave Year 5

Spring 2 Recommended Reading List for Year 5

An Egg is Quiet by Dianna Aston

A beautifully simple introduction to eggs of all kinds; from tiny hummingbird eggs to giant ostrich eggs, from fossilised dinosaur eggs to gooey fish eggs, it's an entirely fresh look at the familiar.Attractive and informative, this will find a home in classrooms and Easter baskets alike. Now in paperback!

Stickmen's Guide to Mountains and Valleys in Layers by Catherine Chambers

Slide down through the layers of planet Earth, from mountaintops to molten core. Follow the Stickmen to trek down a glacier, descend into a canyon, and burrow down to the base of a volcano. On the way you'll see bears and snow leopards, geysers and giant machines, and tectonic plates grinding into each other. But don't be afraid--you're with the Stickmen, who'll show you just what makes Earth so amazing!

Freaky Peaks by Anita Ganeri

Take an intrepid adventure among the world's tallest mountains in Freaky Peaks. Get your mittens ready for a thrilling mountain hike from Everest to Kilimanjaro and beyond! Read about the intrepid explorers who first conquered the heights of the world and try to spot the mysterious Yeti along the way. With a brand-new cover design, format and inside look for 2016, it's geography with even more gritty bits left in!