St. Paul's Mission Statement

We Belong, We Learn, We Believe, We Achieve.

At St. Paul's we aim to provide an environment where:

- We are one family with Church, home, school and community.

- Everyone does their best at all times with a culture of the highest expectations, respect and consideration for all.

- Confidence, creativity and independence are encouraged and developed.

- Everyone can succeed at something, at some level and reach their individual potential.

- Everyone can explore and reflect on their own faith.

- Everyone is special, unique and valued.

- Effort and achievement are celebrated.

- Everyone has belief in themselves and trust in each other.

- Skills and support for becoming ready for the ever changing life in Britain today, are developed.

- A love of learning without limits is fostered.

All of these being achieved through our school being underpinned by:
Spiritual, moral, social and cultural understanding and experiences, respect of our British values and through our core Christian values of:
Creation, Peace, Friendship, Compassion, Thankfulness and Forgiveness